• Dr Craig Gibson

Is it JUST Back Pain?


If you have experienced back pain in your life you are part of an overwhelming majority in Haywood County. Most of us will experience back pain at one time or another following heavy or awkward lifting, or after a hard workout. If the pain is coming from a strained muscle, it will most likely resolve itself in a few days of rest. If the pain is not muscular well, that you may have a bigger problem to contend with, most likely a spinal disc injury.

These injuries are not uncommon and can be extremely painful. It is important to understand the anatomy of the spine, including the disk, and how they play a part in your overall spinal health. Especially in cases when they are herniated or thinning due to degenerative disc like arthritis.


There is a cushion between each of the vertebra, they are called enter intervertebral discs. They are a Cartilage type composition with a soft gel- like center and a stronger shell, ligamentous wall, encapsulating the entire disc. They are attached to the vertebra acting as a type of shock- absorber and cushion to keep the vertebra from rubbing together. Not only do they guard against impact they play a vital role in keeping the spine flexible as well is extremely strong.

When a disk is protruding or bulging, the gel at the center of the disc is starting to push out against the harder outer shell or ligamentous wall of the disc, but this wall has not yet been torn. Statistics reveal that nearly 60% of adults do actually have one or more bulging disc, but they are asymptomatic meaning they are not experiencing any symptoms of pain. Once the interior gel begins to tear the outer ligamentous wall, the disc has progressed from what is considered protruding to herniated. Any bulging or herniation of the disc can result in nerve irritation, inflammation, potential numbness, and quite often severe pain.

A ruptured disc or disc extrusion is a serious condition that results when the interior gel completely tears through the harder ligamentous wall of the disc. As the gel escapes severe pain and extremely restricted movement can be the outcome.

Take the first step toward relief in regaining your quality of life! Call our Waynesville chiropractic team today to schedule a consultation to understand your condition and how to treat it conservatively.

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