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Meet the Doctor

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Renowned Natural Health Care Revolutionary & Chiropractor


Where ever you live, local or around the world, I would like to thank you for coming to our website. I am Dr. Craig Gibson, and I take great pride in serving Western North Carolina and the surrounding Southeastern US. Our natural weight loss and technology helps us to deliver the same high quality of care anywhere around the world. I am here to help you overcome many health challenges that can and are rooted in being overweight.


But, I thought you may want to know a little about who I am. Much of who we are is a remit of our upbringing of the people and family that surround us. I thought I would not just give you the professional truth of who I am, but also tell you a little about myself. First, I grew up in the Kansas City area. My parents always inspired me growing up and they always said I was going to college and to be something. I never thought of it as an option!


Through out high school I was active in science and competing in Science Academy across the state and nation. This was my interest and who I was. I took first place in my school and state. Science led me to interest in the human body and how it functions. My interest always seems to stem from how to keep healthy verses how to treat sickness.

While attending the University of Missouri, I realized my calling was chiropractic and nutrition. After receiving a bachelor degree in Biology, I attended Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. I have always said “students are the poorest individuals” and while attending’ school I ate mostly non-nutrition foods including lots and lots of noodles. Eventually I worked and lived in a facility where I didn't have to pay rent, they paid me!


At graduation for my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1987, 1 was disgusted by a picture I saw of myself. I was fat and barely recognized the person I was looking at. From that day forward (26 years ago) I dedicated myself to helping people get and stay healthy, not only through chiropractic care, but through nutrition as well. This leads me to the most successful weight loss program to date.

After graduating from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, I practiced in Southern California for two years. My wife and I decided to move to North Carolina and had a practice at the Outer Banks of NC for 13 years. We later decided move to Western NC because we wanted our three year old son to grow up around family.


Over the last 12 years that we have been in Waynesville, NC I have become very interested in weight loss and its treatments. What works and what doesn’t and why a particular program has success and most importantly why a weight loss program fails. When I say a program does or does not work, I am talking about consistently, not just on occasion. This is why WNC Weight loss was developed.


The satisfaction of assisting patients to lose weight, gain more energy than they’ve had in years, decrease their blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medications is life changing. I love to see the huge smile on their face when they come back for a follow up visit after losing 16, 20, 30, 40 lbs, and regaining their life back... Successful weight loss is possible.

Waynesville Chiropractor, Weight Loss Waynesville, Waynesville Decompression, Weight Loss Clinic

Stephanie Rogers​

Waynesville Chiropractor, Weight Loss Waynesville, Waynesville Decompression, Weight Loss Clinic

D.J. Watkins

Waynesville Chiropractor, Weight Loss Waynesville, Waynesville Decompression, Weight Loss Clinic

Ashley Posey

Stephanie has been a part of our team for the last 10 years as a Chiropractic Assistant and receptionist. She is a dedicated employee and received her Certification as Chiropractic Assistance from the NC Board of Chiropractic Examiners in 2014. She performs all of our therapies and keeps our office flowing efficiently. She strives to keep our patients from waiting extensively during their visits. 

Stephanie was born and raised in Waynesville. She enjoys classic automobiles and she is always full of energy. She has been an asset to our office from day one.

D.J. received his Massage Therapist certification from Haywood Community College in 2013.  


He is looking to pursue a career in a health field but in the meantime, he is our receptionist and computer specialist.  He enjoys and gifted in computer repairs and building computer systems. He stays updated and enjoys health-related issues.


For all your Insurance or billing question in our office, he is the source.

Ashley Posey LMT is our licensed massage therapists. Ashley also works in our office as receptionists. Ashley has extensive background in education and knowledge in massage therapy. She graduated from Haywood Community College with her massage therapy degree. Ashley sees patients in our office by appointment only and provides a wide range of massage techniques. She specializes in our office utilizing medical massage techniques. Which means she concentrates on the area of most complaint which is typically the same area Dr. Gibson treats the patient also. Although she does provide other forms of techniques.


She schedules patients by the half hour or hour. All therapy is done in our office at Haywood Spine and Nerve Center.


To schedule an appointment with Ashley just contact our office and my assistant will be glad to help you. Ashley has been with our office for about three years.

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