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Rapid Release Pro Technique 
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Fast, Painless, and Lasting Pain Therapy


We Know Pain is Your Problem.  It is out Mission to Solve it!

More than 100 million American adults are in pain every day. Nearly two-thirds of them report that it keeps them from enjoying life. That’s why Rapid Release Technology exists. We offer a natural pain relief therapy solution that actually works, and we want to spread the word.


How Can Rapid Release Help YOUR Back Pain?

Rapid Release Technology uses targeted vibration frequencies that resonate with scar tissue adhesions, removing restrictions that typically result in immediate reduction in pain. It releases tight muscles and stiff joints to quickly restore ease of movement. Two treatment heads provide unique effects tailored to treat specific body parts and conditions, including back pain.


Scar tissue and adhesions "spot weld" tissues together as a part of the body’s natural healing process. This causes tightness, tension and pain.  Rapid Release is Targeted, High-Speed Vibration Therapy that breaks up scar tissue and adhesions caused by:

  • Injury

  • Surgery

  • Repetitive stress

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Overuse

  • Stiff muscles and joints … and more.


These simple sessions only minutes and can fit into any busy schedule. Rapid Release is comfortable and easy to use, and offers cutting-edge pain relief technology that actually works!


Rapid Release is a FDA registered Class I Medical Grade device.  Rapid Release products are conceived, designed, engineered and BUILT in the USA!

Professionally Serving the Waynesville Area Since 2003
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