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Dr. Craig Gibson has
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Our Services
Dr. Gibson and his entire Health Care Team is focused on your total health and well-being.​
Dr. Gibson's Chiropractic Care
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Welcome new, veteran and prospective chiropractic patients!

Thank you in advance for taking the time to discover chiropractic and its powerful effects on human health.

Each year more than 15 million North Americans choose chiropractic for safe, natural and effective relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, extremity pain, poor overall health, low energy levels and much more.

Chiropractic treatments are primarily applied to the spinal region, many individuals incorrectly assume that chiropractors treat only back and neck ailments. While we do quickly and effectively eliminate back and neck pain, it's not the only goal. The objective is to restore and optimize human health. In fact, according to a statement from The Association of Chiropractic Colleges, "The purpose of chiropractic is to optimize health."

Practically speaking, chiropractors are primarily concerned with locating and treating vertebral subluxations. A vertebral subluxation is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular (joint) changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health. 


Using a number of unique and highly refined skills, the chiropractor checks the patient's spine for any misalignments, fixations or other abnormalities (vertebral subluxations). If subluxations or other abnormalities are detected, the chiropractor will generally apply a gentle force in a corrective manner to the affected spinal area.


Chiropractors use many specialized techniques to identify and treat these spinal abnormalities and optimize overall health. In addition to spinal adjustive techniques, soft tissue techniques such as massage, dietary and nutritional counseling, physical therapies, and lifestyle modification programs are commonly employed.

Short-term and regular chiropractic care have a number of benefits including:

  • spinal and extremity pain relief

  • headache relief

  • increased mobility and range of motion

  • decreased stiffness and muscular spasms

  • arthritic joint pain relief

  • increased joint health

  • increased performance and energy

  • increased sense of well being and relaxation

  • increased balance and coordination

  • reduced degeneration and risk of injury

  • enhanced tissue healing

  • decreased tissue inflammation

Dr. Gibson's Spinal Decompression

​We offer the latest cutting edge technology in the non-surgical treatment of serious lower back pain and sciatica.


Our commitment to offering the highest quality of care resulted in the addition of the FDA cleared Spinal Decompression technology for the treatment of back pain due to: 

  • Herniated Discs

  • Bulging Discs

  • Pinched Nerve

  • Sciatica (leg pain)

  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Post-Surgical Pain


In the past, a patient suffering from disc problems was usually given pain medications, instructed to refrain from physical activities, referred for physical therapy, and when they weren’t progressing they were sent for spinal surgery. Conservative chiropractic care proved very helpful in many cases, yet there have been some cases when surgery seemed to be the only other options.. until now.

Now you don’t have to live with that pain anymore! Thanks to the concerted efforts of a team of top physicians and medical engineers. Spinal Decompression uses state of the art technology to apply a distraction force to relieve nerve compression often associated with low back pain and sciatica. 

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, not to be confused with linear traction, slowly lengthens and decompresses the spine, creating negative pressures within the discs. This reversal of pressure.creates an intradiscal vacuum that helps to reposition bulging discs and pull extruded disc material back into place, taking pressure off pinched nerves. Spinal experts believe that nutrients, oxygen, and fluids are drawn into the disc to create a revitalized environment conducive to healing. 

What are the Treatments Like? 

At the beginning of each session, you will be comfortably fitted with a harness designed to achieve optimal decompression of the low back or neck. During a session of spinal decompression, you will notice a slow lengthening of your spine as your discs are gradually decompressed and relieved of pressure. The treatment process is safe and relaxing. 

Dr. Gibson's Weight Loss Programs

Our entire weight loss product line is doctor recommended & 100% Powerfully Organic!

Taking nutritional supplementation is essential if you want to lose weight and get healthy!  Contemporary farming methods render our produce less nutritious, depleting our fruits and vegetables of the vitamins and minerals they once had. 


Large-scale farming methods (monocropping, failing to let fields sit fallow), genetic engineering (GMO's), and the practice of importing food across long distances are all contributing factors.  Food processing even further depletes your foods' vitamin and mineral content! 

Quality control of supplements is dismal in the USA.  The FDA allows manufacturers to water down their products with up to 50% fillers.  This makes many of the pills you find at the store practically useless. All of our Dr. Gibson's products are produced using zero fillers, zero additives, and the highest quality organic ingredients possible. 


Everything is fully active and nutritionally available!  

We want the very best for your body! 

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"I lost 30 pounds!  If it weren't for your program I'd still be miserable, unhappy, and overweight!  I tell everyone it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!  It was worth every penny!"  

~ Correne M. ~

Cold Laser Therapy

 Laser therapy consists of a light-emitting device that can be utilized on many different parts of the body. 

In addition to simple back and neck pain, cold laser therapy has been utilized for a number of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, low-level cold Laser Therapy is an excellent treatment that is often utilized to treat a wide array of conditions and pain. This therapy allows the body to naturally heal itself by utilizing a combination of electric stimulation and cold laser technology. Thistendonitisand sprains. The number of conditions that have been notably increased in the usage of this therapy
include carpal tunnel syndrome, wound management, shoulder and neck injuries, muscle and joint pain, as well as a long list of others. 

Ask Us Today About Utilizing Cold Laser Therapy Treatment
on your road to health!

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Gibson and the entire Haywood Spine and Nerve Center Chiropractic Team are committed to improving our patient's lives through the use of powerfully effective Chiropractic CareSpinal DecompressionNutrition, our Revolutionary Weight Loss Programs.  


With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Craig Gibson is a renowned Natural Health Care Revolutionary & Chiropractor. 


Dr. Gibson and his entire health care team are proud to serve those looking to live a happier & healthier life all across Western North Carolina including the wonderful people in Haywood County. 


To make an appointment, please call us at your earliest convenience as our team of professionals are standing by.


We are here to serve you and we look forward to meeting you!

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